Herbs That Treat Acne?

Answer Acne problems can be minimal or severe, and without treatment can leave behind scarring. Treatment can be done with prescription medications or through the use of herbal creams and supplements. ... Read More »

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How to Use Herbs to Treat Acne?

Treating acne with conventional medicine can be irritating to the rest of your skin, and sometimes it just doesn't work well. Antibiotics can make your skin sensitive and dry. Herbs provide natural... Read More »

The Types of Birth Control that Treat Acne?

Finding the right acne treatment for your skin is no easy task. But some women have found that taking birth control pills has helped to reduce their symptoms and leave their skin much clearer. But ... Read More »

How do you get rid of a large pimple that is too close to your eye to squeeze or treat with acne medication?

Answer See a doctor. Don't mess with stuff that's close to your eye. Answer I first noticed what looked like a firm whitehead in my eyelash line, about 6 mos ago. Doc originally thought it was a st... Read More »

Herbs for Acne Scars?

Unfortunately, scars can replace the acne that invades a person's face. Some scars are not preventable, while others develop as a result of a person picking at their acne. While there are a variety... Read More »