Herbal remedies for the pain and nausea of a SEVERE migraine?

Answer Taking Cayenne pepper helps. I get migraines a lot, and I started taking a cayenne pepper supplement pill daily and that has helped to keep them at bay. You can buy them at pharmacies or at healt... Read More »

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Does any one know any good tips to ease a migraine without resorting to painkillers or herbal remedies?

All I do is go to bed in a cool, dark and silent bedroom and sleep for as long as possible. I find that I feel better after being sick too, although I can't make myself vomit. There isn't a foolp... Read More »

Severe migraine help?

Some people feel better after they vomit when they have a migraine. Others find it better to massage the back of their skull. AKA the hard part between the back of your head and your neck. I hope ... Read More »

My husband has a BAD migraine with nausea?

Hi!I'm sooo sorry! I have had migraine (ER 3 nights a week for over 30 years! ) VISTARIL or COMPAZINE... both come in supositories (so they don't have to be swallowed) are the very BEST! for nausea... Read More »

Can stress cause headaches and severe nausea?