Herbal Hand Salve Recipe?

Answer This hand salve brings aid to wounded or inflamed skin. The medicinal properties of the herbs are brought out by heating with oil in a crockpot. This recipe makes a small amount of salve for perso... Read More »

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Comfrey Salve Recipe?

Comfrey is a perennial herb that has been used to help wounds heal quickly. It has been used to treat bone, skin and muscle injuries, as well as burns and inflammation. Comfrey salve makes a great ... Read More »

What Is Hand Salve?

Hand salve is thicker than a traditional lotion or cream. It uses wax to create a thick emollient, which surrounds the hands and moisturizes the skin. Hand salves use natural ingredients that are k... Read More »

How to Make a Natural Hand Salve?

Hand salves are the perfect skin care product for working hands. They soothe aches and pains, cure painful cracking and help skin and cuticles to look beautiful and healthy. While there are many ki... Read More »

How to Make Beeswax Hand Salve?

Beeswax is a versatile, highly beneficial substance created by bees to build honeycomb. Worker bees secrete wax from special glands on their undersides. When harvested by humans, the nutrient-rich ... Read More »