Herb Plants of the Southwest?

Answer Native Americans who lived in the southwestern deserts used the plants in their terrain to meet all of their basic needs. They harvested the seeds and fruits as food, created medicine from differen... Read More »

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Plants of the Southwest Desert?

It might seem a wonder that any plants grow in the desert, but several different types grow in the southwestern deserts of the United States. Apache Plume, Ghost Flower, DesertWillow, Mojave Yucca,... Read More »

How do I protect plants from freezing in Southwest Florida?

Bring Plants IndoorsBring potted plants indoors the night before freezing temperatures are expected. Place the plants in a garage or just inside the foyer of a home, if possible.Keep Plants Watered... Read More »

What do herb plants look like?

Herbs vary greatly in flavor and are used in nearly every culture's cuisines. Many popular herbs have a similar appearance. This guide will help identify key features of six of the most popular her... Read More »

What is the Cause of Black Sooty Fungus on Plants in Southwest Florida?

Black sooty fungus is a relatively common problem on citrus, magnolia and hibiscus trees, rhododendrons, bamboo, crape myrtle, and other plants in the state of Florida. The unsightly mold is caused... Read More »