Her nick name is Pocahontas?

Answer No, that was her Powhatan name she was born with. She just changed it twice.

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What did Pocahontas change her name to?

In 1612, the English captured Pocahontas. Not long after, she met John Rolfe, who would become her husband two years later. After her marriage, Pocahontas adopted the English name "Rebecca" and too... Read More »

Whats a good nick name for someone with the name ..?

RooTiggerSkittlesLeeAllieEtc.It's hard not knowing her interests or anything...

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Dave pelzers nick name?

It is important that all children have a right to speak up for what their personal beliefs are. An example of this is of child abuse or sexual harassment. If the children do not speak up then how w... Read More »