Helppp!! :) Fresh Breath ?

Answer You can have bad breath / Halitosis for many reasons :1. Dry mouth or xerostomia : Because of the lack of saliva, there is simply no washing effect. Every little thing sits in your mouth, gets putr... Read More »

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How to Get Sweet, Fresh Breath?

These herbs make a delicious undertone!Sometimes it is hard to get sweet, fresh breath, which is annoying if you are going on a date or something similar. Here is how to make your mouth sweet and f... Read More »

Have you got fresh breath?

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How to Have Fresh Breath?

Fresh breath can be obtained through daily hygiene and by avoiding foods that cause bad breath.

How to Make Your Breath Fresh?

A person's breath smells pretty bad after a large garlic consumption. When you eat anything garlicky, your breath smells pretty bad. Here a few tips to a fresher breath-scent.