Helppp, Facebook on my phone?

Answer Have you downloaded the Facebook app? I don't think it's possible to change that stuff on a mobile device. I think that can only be done on the computer

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HELPPP!!!!! ASAP!!!!?

Heres a good site for getting waterproof cases:…Other cases……

Helppp! iTunes question!!?

ugh... iTunes does not work on LAND PHONES...and an iPhone is NOT a LAND PHONE it's a CELL PHONE...

Helppp! Sunburn help!?

this site has helped me so much in my sunburns :) also put a light shade of make-up it helps:)…

HELPPP!!!! advice please!!?

It all depends on the card, there will be a chip or a strip or something inside the card which is what's swiped when used, so it depends how much damage there is to the card from the wash. I'd take... Read More »