Helpful Hints to Help the Teacher and Parent on a Child's First Day of School?

Answer The first day of school is a scary experience for children and often a sad one for parents. Students have no idea of what to expect when they begin school, and may have heard frightening and untrue... Read More »

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I'm moving out in two days to my first apartment. Does anyone have any helpful hints?

Take pictures of the place before you move anything in. I had a land lord that tried to charge me for "damages" that were present from a tenent prior to myself. Things like holes in the wall for ... Read More »

Helpful Hints to Help Third Graders With Their Reading Skills?

Whether a child is struggling with reading, or is simply ready to improve her skills, there are several tips and activities that can help your third grader. Making reading a fun and challenging act... Read More »

Helpful Hints for Snoring?

Snoring is a curse for both the snorer and the partner. It often results in a lack of restful sleep and causes bad feelings or embarrassment. In most cases, snoring is alleviated by simple changes,... Read More »

Helpful Hints for Teaching Phonics?

Children learn to read by recognizing the sounds that go with each letter. They memorize each symbol and the sounds it makes, then they can put sounds together to decode words. Teaching phonics to ... Read More »