Help...Neither one of my DVD players will read the DVD?

Answer The DVD could be scratched.I hope that DVD is not scratched,its an awesome movie!Try putting it into your computer.

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Will Blu-Ray players lead to the extinction of DVD players?

It's hard to say.Blu-ray isn't catching on as fast as DVD did for a variety of reasons - the economy among them.Left alone, blu-ray would eventually overtake DVD, as HDTVs replace regular TVs, and ... Read More »

Can DVD players read AVI files?

Some DVD players can read AVI files. DVD players on your computer can read AVI files after the DivX codex is installed. Likewise, a home DVD player is able to read AVI files if the DVD player is Di... Read More »

What format do all dvd players read?

The actual format is called "Redbook".But as you noticed - not all DVD players can even read DVD+R or DVD-R disks. And Funtrai - is not a big or well known brand so I suspect it wont work.

What format do DVD players read?

A DVD or Digital Versatile Disc reads audio and video in the MPEG-2 format. MPEG means Moving Pictures Experts Group and is a committee who develops standards for compression of moving images. MPEG... Read More »