Help with varrucca! Can I scrape it out ?

Answer It is caused by a virus. You removed the wart but it probably has roots and will come back. The best way to remove it at home is by freezing it off.For the time being, wash it well and apply anti... Read More »

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How do i make a leg scrape heal faster what should i do if yellow pus is on top of the scrape?

Neosporin then a clean bandage. That's all. Keep the bandage clean and dry.

How to Scrape a Hog?

One common method of removing hair from a hog, once it has been slaughtered, is to scald the carcass in hot water. This softens the hair and acts as a lubricant, and makes it easier to scrape the h... Read More »

My scrape...?

It is tissue fluid (plasma).You need to wash your knee well in the shower, apply neosporin. Leave it open to air as much as you can so it can form a proper scab. Keep it covered when you wear clo... Read More »

Bad scrape, please help!!?

You might be overreacting, but if it's concerning you that much, get it checked. We're all entitled to overreact sometimes :)Countless studies have shown that a superficial wound heals best when it... Read More »