Help with underclocking, please.?

Answer You need to change the jumper on the motherboard that controls over-clocking. If it is set to AUTO, you cannot do anything so , the best bet is to set the jumper to MANUAL. Look in your manual, you... Read More »

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HELP!!!!!! I need big help with my iPod PLEASE PLEASE help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

contact the manufacturers or sellers for service.

I really need help with my phone please please please?

maybe your phone have an auto set that all your message that u send has sent.. the problem maybe his signal low.. or maybe your phone got problem..

Please help me , i got a problem about interview at mcdonalds please please help help thx so much?

go back to the McDonald's and tell them one of the managers called you, you came in but she was not there. Can they please find out who contacted you. There should be only a few managers that are... Read More »

Please please help me please with sugar on top!!!!!?

Kalee Hello Stay clean some lotion may help. Eat well. Vitamin help prevent problem. Drink water an get enuf Sleep.