Help with swallowing tablets?

Answer One trick is to put it into a bit of banana or other soft food that you like, and then swallow it like that :)

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Does crushing azithromycin tablets give the same affect as swallowing?

If you have problems swallowing, you need to discuss this with the doctor. Sometimes it doesn't matter - but when it does, sometimes whether you crushed a tablet into powder will be different than ... Read More »

Is swallowing raw garlic better than taking garlic tablets?

First up i must apologise for the length of my answer but you do really need to know all this.Most emphatically so buddy ...... the raw unprocessed unpreserved version of garlic mate is far better ... Read More »

Help with Graphic Tablets?

Unless you use CAD or Photoshop allot then It wouldn't be worth getting one. I only use mine for editing in Photoshop and nothing else, they are not a replacement for a mouse and they do not draw d... Read More »

Pain when swallowing in chest Help!?

Look up "esophogeal ulcer". I had one quite a few years ago and your symptoms sound familiar. Your doctor will still have you take the rx for heartburn/acid reflux, but they can also give you some ... Read More »