Help with shaving bikini line!!!?

Answer Omg I have the exact same problem! Try hair removal cream, that's what I'm gonna do or maybe get it waxed :) it's so irritating when I shave, it ends up prickly!

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How to Keep Your Bikini Line Smooth After Shaving?

While shaving eliminates hair that may show while wearing a bikini, some women choose to trim the bikini area as opposed to shaving it completely. Shaving does not remove the hair for long and you ... Read More »

Iv got really bad shaving rash round my bikini line and little red spots what can i do to make this better?

How to Clear a Bikini Shaving Rash?

During summer bathing-suit season, many women opt to rid themselves of troublesome bikini-line hair. Unfortunately, if you go the shaving route in this area, you may wind up with a painful, itchy r... Read More »

How to Treat Bikini Bumps From Shaving?

Shaving is the preferred method of hair removal in the bikini area and is the safest option in such a sensitive spot. Bumps that appear after shaving are unattractive as well as itchy and irritati... Read More »