Help with scanning a picture?

Answer you need OCR software usually comes with your scanner.if not download textbirdge from

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Help with scanning mat pictures?

What is happening is that you are scanning with not enough resolution. I suggest 600 dpi and put a blank piece of extra paper over the original so that the light won't scan the grains in the back. ... Read More »

Can someone help me with scanning and emailing files?

YOU cannot scan a PDF file you can only prinit it out or scan it on line copy to files then E mail it as text or download file they can open in G mail !

Need help with scanning pictures from my printer to my mac?

Step 1: throw mac out windowStep 2: by PCStep 3: Be in awe that it accepts 3rd party devices and programsStep 4: Enjoy life :)

Scanning a picture to my computer?

Hi DanahOnce the picture is scanned in, open Photoshop or whatever software you are using. Then, you can choose the "save as' and save it in jpeg format or whatever format you seem fit.