Help with recording my computer screen?

Answer Use Bandicam. It's less memory usage then Fraps and records at a higher FPS. Although, there is a watermark.Bandicam Pro removes the watermark.

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I Need An Answer Fast About Recording Your Computer Screen 10 Points?

you can download these Free Screen Recorder 2.9 for free. And it is a freeware for capturing screen activities and sounds to standard AVI file.

HELP! my hp computer wont go pass a black screen with flashing underscore?

A virus is a possibility, but you could also have a bad hard drive or system board, or somehow your operating system was corrupted. In any case, you can probably save the data on that you want off ... Read More »

My Ipod comes up with a red cross on screen and wont connect to my computer Help!?

Check the following link that is given in the Apple support website:…Hope this helps.

I fastened my iPhone 3GS on to an RC airplane with the video record on It all worked fine till I took off then the video continued recording but the sound stopped recording until I landed. Help pleas?

definelty not, however if you do not pay for unlimited internet, you will be charged for the use of the internet.