Help with printing document correctly?

Answer You can try google docs online at You can highlight all the text in the document on your computer (hitting ctrl-A selects all the text) and pasting it in the form on google docs. ... Read More »

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Why is my printer not printing correctly?

Replace your INK cartilages... They do go bad even when there is ink still left in them...

I can't cancel printing on a document that I sent to Print?

Trouble printing image of document?

Take a screen shot of the window taht the cheque is visible in... use alt-PrtSc (hold down alt, press PrtSc, release both. Then paste the clipboard into Paint or any other image manipulation progra... Read More »

Printer using colour ink in printing black and white document?

You have edited in photoshop. What is mode of document? Is it grayscale, bitmap or RGB. If it is rgb or cmyk it will consume all inks. Convert it to pure black and white bitmap.