Help with printer please?

Answer Check your print properties. When you select file > print, click on properties. In the 'layout' tab in the middle of the page you will see 'Page Order'. Under that there are two choices; 'front to... Read More »

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Please help with a printer problem?

Hi BudgePrint at 300 dpi resolution. If the problem persists, then the printer's head is damaged.

Can anyone help me with my printer please?

Swear at it; that usually works for me.If that fails, take a baseball bat to it.

Please help me with my stupid printer?

nice picture is that you? anyways if this is somewhat new it might be still under the 90 day warranty for replacement. usually if one side moves and the other side doesn't, one of the internal gear... Read More »

Problem with my printer please help?

Here are the drivers for the hp deskjet 1000 J100 printer free of charge, direct from HP. It is not necessary to pay for drivers, they are free.Just select your operating system and download them