Help with my period! Please.?

Answer Just your period being splotchy. Some people don't have perfectly on time periods. Everything will pick up to normal later.

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Please help with my period! I'm freaking out!!!?

relax your fine. when i first started my period it was extremely irregular. sometimes i would just skip a month completely. one thing to remember is that there are many things that will cause a pe... Read More »

ARGH anything to help with my period pains please answer!!?

I know a bath might seem a bit gross, but I've found what really helps me is to run a really hot one and just sit in it - the relief is crazy!! Tampons can help to ease the ickiness in this situati... Read More »

Im 15 and feel stupid I had protected sex and havent had my period for 2 months. This has happened b4 but im really scared could I be pregnant or is it just an irregular period PLEASE HELP?

Chances of Pregnancy You don't say what protection you used but if you used a condom correctly your chances of getting pregnant are only about 2 in a hundred over a year, if you are on the pill the... Read More »

Period help please....!!?

Why would a pad cause you "severe discomfort"? I always wear a pad to bed. I wouldn't risk a tampon.