Help with my computer. super easy question?

Answer go to googleon the dropdown menu choose tools, then internet options.on the general tab, for homepage click the "Use Current" button.Select ok and your done

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Easy computer question?

Def. stick with the laptop. They are so much more convenient. If it gets too hot, buy one of those lap trays that you can set it on.

I have what I am sure is a very easy question about my computer running out of space.?

If you're running out of space, you need flash memory, not RAM.RAM is temporary memory that makes you computer run faster.It isn't true that you can't install it yourself, but if you're uncomfortab... Read More »

A computer question I can't solve hehe easy 10 points!!!haha?

hehe one of these hehe1)Buy Original 2)Keep using it if laws are not strict where you live3)Switch to Linux

Super Cute & Super Easy Ways to Style Your Hair?

Having a bad hair day is never fun, but you don't want to always use a trusty baseball cap to fix the problem. Hairdressers make styling look easy, and they assure us we'll be able to replicate the... Read More »