Help with my computer class homework?

Answer Hi, as this is quite a 'wordy' question I believe people will be easily thrown by it. I believe that the question is asking you to list and explain the main functions of the most important componen... Read More »

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Can you guys help me out with my computer class homework?

Numbers near your questions would have been helpful...ApplyDocumentsGIF and JPEG (if you need to select 1, choose JPEG)Right-click the picture and choose Save Picture AsusbWindows Volume Control.A ... Read More »

PowerPoint Presentation Ideas for a Computer Class Homework Assignment?

Computer programming influences virtually every area of life and many career paths. Like a creeping vine growing up the side of a historic building, computer programming has woven itself into moder... Read More »

How to Get Help With Nutrition Homework?

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How to Help With Statistics Homework?

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