Help with my Child Development Coursework please?

Answer Children who are premature arent always delayed so please dont assume anyone who is born early will be delayed I have plenty of children who were up to a month early who have no problems.Saying tha... Read More »

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Child Development Occupation?

That really depends on where you are located and if the center you are applying to is NAEYC certified. On average ECE teachers make 15-20 grand a year so not much. However for me it's not the mon... Read More »

Child development i have this question?

Nothing retarded children are already behind. There was no point to try to put the retards on the same level as the normals just to have them fail again

Child development assessment HELP PLEASE!!?

You might want to contact a speech/language pathologist. They are highly trained professionals who work with children that have speech/language problems. They can give you the information about tes... Read More »

What Are Child Development Classes?

Child development is a very complex topic that can be simplified by taking classes. The classes teach participants about the stages of development that affect children of various ages. Some child d... Read More »