Help with migraine?

Answer I suffer from migraines also, had one once for 6 days. Wasn't too enjoyable. Sometimes with my migraines, if I lay down it just gets worse...and sometimes it gets better. There are a few times t... Read More »

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Migraine Help!?

Right now, she will need an abortive medication to get rid of her migraine. She could go to the ER room to get pethidine or something similar to block the pain. (don't do this often- the drug is ad... Read More »

Migraine help?

I know that others asked if your son has had MRI's of the brain and possibly the neck. Has he seen a neurologist or just a pediatrician? I have had migraines since I was a 14 and that was 40 years ... Read More »

Severe migraine help?

Some people feel better after they vomit when they have a migraine. Others find it better to massage the back of their skull. AKA the hard part between the back of your head and your neck. I hope ... Read More »

Migraine worries help?

As mentioned, acupuncture is very good. You really don't have to suffer a lifetime of this as it can be easily cured with alternative therapies. I treat a lot of migraine sufferers with excellent r... Read More »