Help with making a Croissant?

Answer Croissant is French for 'crescent' so these are crescent-shaped pastries rolled from triangles of puff pastry.Here is an excellent recipe:Ingredients625g strong white flour12g Salt75g Sugar20g drie... Read More »

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Help with making pancakes!?

The grill is too hot and the mixture isn't making enough contact with the pan, which means that there is too much oil on the pan. If you use a non-stick pan, do not put butter or oil on the pan fir... Read More »

A bowl of Apple Jacks Cereal A Biscuit with Butter Or a Croissant with Cheese Which from this list would ->?

Mornin Scooter. They all sound kinda good, but for now I'd be happy with a biscuit and butter, but I really would rather have biscuits and gravy for breakfast.Be well this day

Help me with making homemade pizza?

You can use any sauce that you would buy for spaghetti.I use one that comes in a can Del Monte ,I think & it's called 4-cheese sauce. I use shredded mozzarella,any brand,you can add parmesan or rom... Read More »

I need help with making a video?

Assuming you only have access to the published stereo recording, a classic trick is to subtract one channel from the other. Because the vocals ae typically mixed evenly in both channels, they will ... Read More »