Help with copyright issues w/ songs on YouTube?

Answer If you don't own the rights to the song, you can't legally do it, regardless of what others do. Just because they haven't gotten a takedown yet doesn't mean it's acceptable....

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How do SOME people avoid copyright issues on youtube and not others?

1) Go to "My Videos".2) Select "Resolve Copyright" on the video you are having copyright issues with. OR, go to the video itself and choose "resolve copyright" from there.3) Scroll down and pick th... Read More »

How do I upload movies on Youtube without it getting taking off for copyright issues?

Ignore the person who told you to write in the comment box that you don't own it. That means NOTHING. The video is being recognized when youtube scans it for copyright info upon uploading it - yo... Read More »

How to keep videos with songs on youtube without copyright infringement?

I regret to inform you that any music which is not your creationand used as part of your video is indeed copyright infringement.Companies like UMG, Warner and Viacom not only "own" theirmusic, they... Read More »

How do i add songs onto my youtube video without having copyright problems?

Unfortunately for you, any music that's not truly yours but you haveused in your video is considered "copyright infringement". The hugemusic/media corporations like UMG, Warner and Viacom don't jus... Read More »