Help with cleaning my computer?

Answer Reinstall windows

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Computer i was cleaning the inside of my computer it starts OK on monitor it says no signal?

Sounds as if you have loosened one or both of the plugs on the video cable that feeds your monitor while you have been shifting things around. Make sure they are both securely seated, then reboot y... Read More »

Cleaning my computer?

As some one already told you get Ccleaner, but what they did not tell you is it has a start up manager. Use that to disable programs that you do not need to run at start up. These programs will sti... Read More »

Computer keyboard cleaning?

If you have a around 10-20 mins of free time.. try this:1. unplug your keyboard.2. use a flat head screwdriver to remove all the keys (with a lil bit of force).3. clean the keys (towels, detol, spr... Read More »

Cleaning the inside of a computer mouse?

You need a star head screw drive, and a typical mouse it screwed using a single screw!So unscrew it, and just blow the dust out :)