Help with camera , sd cards?

Answer Any chance you took the photos in RAW format? RAW images give you more flexibility and latitude in post processing. But standard Windows and Mac viewing software won't see them. You'd need to do... Read More »

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Digital camera memory!!!?

Definitely go to Jessops. Just take your camera in and say to them "I don't know what I need" and they will help you endlessly...fantastic company.What you're looking for is a memory card NOT spec... Read More »

Are digital photography memory cards interchangeable with video camera memory cards?

If the camcorder uses, for instance, SD, and the camera uses SD, then yes.The cards are just storage media and are independent of the device. If the device has the right slot, the it will work in i... Read More »

Help with graphics cards!!!?

GTX 660 ti is on a level with HD 7950 from AMD for gaming purposes.You can estimate where it fits here:…Above AMD Radeon HD 7950MAlthough it is a power ef... Read More »

Help with camera lenses!?

I suggest buying the camera with the standard 18-55mm f3.5-5.6 zoom lens. Its always best to use this package for a few months so you can decide what you like to photograph before adding additional... Read More »