Help with camera and lighting?

Answer You need to learn about the basics of photography. Check out these two web sites.…www.strobist.comOnce you have gone through the tutorials on both sites, y... Read More »

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Help With Lighting/Radio In My Truck!?

Relax..... You just blew a fuse.... That is what its there for.... You probably created some sort of short and the fuse blew to protect the circuit..... Find the fuse panel.... There should be a di... Read More »

Help please with phone lighting?

The screen's resolution is set. You cannot change it. The screen's brightness is what makes it difficult or easy to read outdoors. If you're already at maximum brightness there is nothing you can do.

What shutter speed do you need to take a picture of a lighting strike with a digital camera?

Help me with the lighting fixture on my spa!! I'm going crazy!!?

You can download a manual here…To continue to to download requires the serial number of your spa which I don't have so I can only offer this much to help y... Read More »