Help with buying hardware for my computer?

Answer It is called a CD drive or a DVD drive or a CD/DVD drive!!! Most can play both CD's and DVD's (called a combo drive) - although you can get them for only CD's and only DVD's!!They are ranked by the... Read More »

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How can you tell the difference in computer hardware that you are buying?

Which parts?For processors and graphics cards, check reviews and benchmarks to see how they perform. Sites like Anandtech, Tom's Hardware, Xbitlabs, Techspot, Legitreviews and Hot Hardware are grea... Read More »

Is buying hardware to satisfy my sexual needs difficult to find on sale?

I will give you some hardware for free sweety- damn that would sound so much better if I was a guy

What are the main differences between Computer software, computer hardware, and electrical engineering?

Electrical engineering is concerned with the theory and uses of electricity and electronics, and may include computer hardware, but could also be rotating machines (motors) or transmission lines (u... Read More »

What is the difference between computer hardware and computer software?

Hardware/Software Hardware ia anything HARD, in essence, paper, printers, mice, hard drives, processor fans, monitors, etc. Software is otherwise known as computer programs.