Help with buying a new laptop!?

Answer You will never use the computer for what you intent to use it. You always end up doing more stuff, plus writing essays is not so popular in a university because you can do pretty much all that in t... Read More »

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Which laptop Buying my son a laptop for Christmas - Which make is the best ?

the only advice I can give you is this: buy as much work-memory as you can afford. ( RAM that is) and as much harddisk space as you can get, and of course the best possible video card.Then your son... Read More »

I need help with buying a laptop please!?

I just bought my Dell Inspiron 15.It is AMAZING.320gb hard drive4gb memory4gb ram15.6in screen.Pretty light.ALL UNDER $1100!!Many colors.I really couldn't be happier.

Buying a LAPTOP?

What do you consider the most when buying a laptop?

depends on the capacity of the laptop and what do you need