Help with a very slow pc.....?

Answer 1.Defrag your computer.2. COmpress files.3. Transfer files (ex: Pics, vids, music etc) or any other files you don;t normally use on a regular basis to flash drives, External Hard Drives and also Fi... Read More »

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HP Pavillion MX70 - Is very very slow to do anything, I have broadband and Microsoft Office is very slow aswel?

u may need more programs to remove adware. i have the same pc. i use ad-aware and spybot twice a week to keep it running fast, check out to download programs that remove adware. hope t... Read More »

HELP! My Outlook Express is running very slow?

Hey LuLu - Look we're famous:;…lol

My INTERNET is very slow GUYZ PLEASE HELP!!!!?

Increase ur Bandwidth..Close unneeded Services/software which use InternetClear temp files/cookies in browser..:)

Radio Trivia site question: 95.7 Oldies WRIT, is anyone having problems with their site being very very slow?

I was just on it and it seems like it always is I do notice it will slow down when they are adding questions since we didn't get aol questions yesterday my guess is they are being added today