Help with a tv question?

Answer If it WORKS...DON'T TOUCH IT.Touching it may SNAP it off and then you're DONE.But if it's actually broken and non-functional, you'll have to replace the module. Could be $200 or more....

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I need help with an injuryPLEASE ANSWER!!! I NEED URGENT HELP it's an easy question?

Caitlin, I speak as a broken toe veteran.Feel your toe carefully. Is there an obvious place the bones are no longer aligned, either at a joint or broken on a bone's length?If so, you do need a doct... Read More »

Help with Intel HD question.?

Intel HD 4000: 16 EUs (Execution Units)Nvidia's Base level GT 610: 48 CUDA coresEven though a CUDA core has lots of EUs in it, it doesn't take a genius to figure out that the GT 610 is better.PS, a... Read More »

HELP me with a question on INK-JET PRINTER!?

It sounds like there is supposed to be some "help me pictures" associated with this question that are to be used as a reference that you're supposed to pick 2 and describe the processes used. Witho... Read More »

Can you help with a gardening question?

Firstly, if you are talking about outside then please don't try a Jade plant as this won't survive the winter (sorry to that contributor). Not all "palms" will survive the winter either. A Camelia... Read More »