Help with a flow chart so I get write a pseudocode for a modular program?

Answer To do a flow chart you need to know how the program is going to work. It may be easier for you to do the pseudocode, and then make the flow chart from the pseudocode. Not knowing what else you have... Read More »

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Flow chart and pseudocode help?

1. read n average = 0 count = 0 for i = 1 to n input ...average = average + input ...count = count + 1 next i average = average / count print 'Average of ' count 'numbers = ' average'.' 2. ... Read More »

Need help making a flow chart or pseudocode for this question.?

(1) Prompt and accept data for the last name. (2) Prompt and accept data fro the number of persons (must be greater than 0). (3) Prompt and accept day of the week. (4) If number number of persons >... Read More »

But what is after writing pseudocode Is it doing out the flow chart the next step?

I think, it depends on what you are comfortable with. Pseudo-codes and Flow-charts are only guide for your actual implementation. So, if you think your pseudo-code is enough to complete your implem... Read More »

Why do we develop a flow chart and pseudocode after we've developed an algorithm?

well an algorithm basically is a method/solution to fix a problem.....but an algorithm is a solution u think of...when u see a problem...pseudo code and flow charts are needed so that u can structu... Read More »