Help with a bunch of editors?

Answer You could buy some admin accounts and then force action against those idiot editors. Or you could carefully tailor your additions to obey Wikipedia's many different contradictory policies. Or you c... Read More »

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Wikipedia editors - who are they Bunch of saddos?

Wikipedians are probably not much different from Answerians. Some are as addicted as Answeraholics are, but most only contribute very infrequently if at all. And, no they do not get paid by Wikipedia.

Experienced Wikipedia editors only! Page naming help?

That will not be allowed, unless you have very good reasons to so do, as there is also a page for Ding Feng (younger)…The Ding Feng page may be needed for ... Read More »

How do you deal with disputes with other editors on Wikipedia?

The best thing to do is just walk away (unless you are being personally slandered, in which case you need to hire a lawyer to deal with the situation). The thing with Wikipedia is that physical pro... Read More »

How to Work with Editors?

An editor is someone who separates the wheat from the chaff and then prints the chaff.~ Adlai E. StevensonWriting for a living or even for a hobby covers a wide range of possibilities, including no... Read More »