Help with a bee sting!?

Answer Weird! Are you sure it's a bee?Well, when I got stung by a bee- I got stuck three times this July. I would know- well anyway, when I got stung, fast, cold water rushing at it felt really good.Mud h... Read More »

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I need help with a wasp sting?

It is a wasp sting. Apply a cold compress (like frozen peas) to your eye for about 10 minutes, remove for about 5 minutes and reapply.That will stop the swelling which is causing the pain.When you... Read More »

How to Help a Child With a Marine Life Sting?

Marine-life stings can be dangerous and even deadly, especially to children or infants. Here's what to do if you end up in this situation.

Help on my bee sting?

There are no instant remedies. Icing your hand will probably help with the swelling. My grandma used to put a paste of baking soda and water on stings, although I can't remember if it helped or n... Read More »

Bee sting! help! plz!?

It should go away soon now. Take a Benadryl to speed up the anti-inflammatory process and keep ice on it. Those stings can really bug you. -pun!- Haha! Hope this helped!