Help with Zoloft withdrawl!?

Answer I take this drug, 200mg a day..yeah i can't go w/out it or i feel miserable..and all the negativity that's plagued my mind runs rampid. It is a drug u have to ween urself off of, if ur taking 75 u... Read More »

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What is precipitate withdrawl of troops?

Hit and Run mercenaries is one thing, but mainly tactics. (to be added to)

I need some supportive advise on withdrawl?

You were on the fentyal patches and you are trying to go cold turkey?? If you have only been on them a few months it shouldn't be too bad but no decent doctor would allow you to ween yourself off ... Read More »

Bad nightsweats from marijuana withdrawl?

I suggest you to consult the Doctor before use any thing he will guide you in proper way and quit smoking and drinking I hope this should be happening to you for heavy smoking and drinking

Accutane Withdrawl Sinus Issues?

lol no, Accutane doesn't affect your sinuses. It's springtime, silly. Everyone is having sinus issues!You need an allergy medication like Benadryl or Claratin, that's all. The air is dry & plants a... Read More »