Help with Neck Problems?

Answer There is no doubt in my mind that you should have gone to casualty, so get down there asap. I had an injury many years ago where I slipped down some steps on an escalator. At the time I had a 'sore... Read More »

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A) chiropractor B) just massage your neck constantly C) gently roll your neck around D) sleep on a good pillow!

Help with testicle problems. Need help desperately!?

1. After surgery, your left testicle should have descended on par with the right one.2. Now, you are as good as anyone to participate in sex and produce children.3. No need to worry about cancer @ ... Read More »

Can Aquaphor Healing Ointment help with the burn mark on my neck from my curling iron/wand?

No, you need a scar cream at this point. Maderma or vitamin E ointment.

When you wake up with a kink in your neck from sleeping the wrong way, should you use heat or ice to help?

Tylenol is for acute pain. Ibuprofin is for muscle aches, like you have.What works for me is: Sit up on the side of your bed, feet on the floor. Take your left arm, reach over your head, grabbin... Read More »