Help with Linux/Ubuntu Hp 712c printer?

Answer Installing HP Printers on Ubuntu…Unfortunately the 712c is not officially supported as I have just checked the HP website for you Read More »

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1 yr Dell computer&printer - printer continually cannot communicate with compuer. Can you help me out Thank?

Really could use more info about your setup.If you're connected with a USB cable, check & reseat both ends & make sure they're connected securely. Try a different USB cable & maybe port on the comp... Read More »

HELP i need help with my printer, its a hpdeskjet 960c?

reset the drivers for it if it is a plug and play computer which means it uses a usb cord to connect it to the computer then it is plug and play un plug the usb cord let it sit till comuter regogni... Read More »

Will my HP G55 printer work with a laptop with Windows7-Got not help from their customer service?

Hi yesbut you will need to install the operating disc on your laptop for the laptop to recognize the printerif it doesnt work straight away as aa plug and play once you plug them together and do a ... Read More »

Help with my Printer!?

Change the color cartridge. If its pretty in blue only, the magenta is missing. Defective cartrdige especially if its a refilled one.