Help with LCD HDTV for PS3?

Answer Ok, of the three the Bravia KLV-40BX400 would be your best bet for gaming on your PS3. But anytime you talk about Gaming and fast action movies I always say go with the 120hz and up. You don't wa... Read More »

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Help with buying an HDTV?

Here is the scoop. I worked at Circuit city for about 2 years in the Tv department and I got this question alot. Im an expert at answering it :}. Here we go. The answer is yes. An Hdtv will look fa... Read More »

Plz help with connecting my hdtv to the pc as a monitor?

since you have all those connections on the back of your tv it's gonna matter what you have on your computer. If your computer had a DVI connection buy yourself a DVI to HDMI cable thats the best ... Read More »

I just got a 1080p HDTV and need some help with adjustments.?

yeah directtv charges more for their high definition service,so you need to call up and change your box out...

Can you use your old UHF antenna with a new HDTV and will it pick up broadcast HDTV signals?

To answer your question simply, yes, you can pick up over the air HD signals from your analog antenna. As a matter of fact that's how I have my HDTV set up. I just read somewhere recently, but can'... Read More »