Help with Intel HD question.?

Answer Intel HD 4000: 16 EUs (Execution Units)Nvidia's Base level GT 610: 48 CUDA coresEven though a CUDA core has lots of EUs in it, it doesn't take a genius to figure out that the GT 610 is better.PS, a... Read More »

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Intel Pentium D CPU Question?

You can put another CPU into the motherboard as long as the chipset supports it and it fits into the socket. Make sure you look up the computer's chipset and then look at the Pentium 4/Pentium D/Pe... Read More »

Intel processors question ?

Yes it has 2 cores compared to only one on the P4. It should be noticeably faster. But do check if your Motherboard CPU socket supports it before buying.

Which is best A PC with 2.5 GHz Intel i3 and a Intel HD Graphic 4000 or a PC with 2.2 GHz Intel i3 with ...?

2nd one. Dedicated graphics is ALWAYS better than intel HD 4000, or any embedded graphics for that matter. Basically intel HD is good for feeding data to your display, and doing video decoding, It ... Read More »

Which games will run on intel core i3 2330m , intel HD Graphics 3000 , 4GB RAM?

Take a look at the reviews here. Read More »