Help with Intel HD question.?

Answer Intel HD 4000: 16 EUs (Execution Units)Nvidia's Base level GT 610: 48 CUDA coresEven though a CUDA core has lots of EUs in it, it doesn't take a genius to figure out that the GT 610 is better.PS, a... Read More »

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Which is best A PC with 2.5 GHz Intel i3 and a Intel HD Graphic 4000 or a PC with 2.2 GHz Intel i3 with ...?

2nd one. Dedicated graphics is ALWAYS better than intel HD 4000, or any embedded graphics for that matter. Basically intel HD is good for feeding data to your display, and doing video decoding, It ... Read More »

Help with Intel E5300?

E5XXX range cpu's are not compatible with the 945 chipsetE4XXXE7XXXE6XXXE8XXXare compatible provided they meet the 800mhz bus bought wrong CPU, sorry.Your chipset is too the ... Read More »

Intel DH67BL Motherboard with GTX 660Ti help!!!!?

The card will take up two slots but you will onlu lose 1 pci-e x1 slot and you will still have another one and a pci slot left.Any decent gaming card will cover 2 slots,that's just how it is.

Is intel pentium 4 compatible with intel core 2 duo?

The Pentium 4 and Intel Core 2 Duo are completely separate computer processors and cannot be used together. The Core 2 Duo uses a dual core architecture, while the Pentium 4 has a single core. Beca... Read More »