Help with Graphics for PC game?

Answer It sounds like you need to upgrade your graphics card. What do you currently have? (to check, go to start -> run ->, then type in dxdiag, and click enter; then go to the display tab)

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Can a Intel HD 3000 graphics card play a game like skyrim with well graphics?

Short answer: no. Long answer: it may be playable with lower detail settings at a less than optimal resolution. It may work, but it sure won't be enjoyable.

Help with graphics cards!!!?

GTX 660 ti is on a level with HD 7950 from AMD for gaming purposes.You can estimate where it fits here:…Above AMD Radeon HD 7950MAlthough it is a power ef... Read More »

Help with Graphics Card?

Core clock is how fast the GPU can perform GPU calculations, PHYSX calculations (only on physx cards), CUDA operations (only on cuda cards) and render operations. Higher is better.Shader clock is h... Read More »

Need help with a Graphics Card?

Usually OEM systems' PSUs don't come with 6pin connectors. Did you plug 6pin connectors into the GPU? If not, it's not being powered by anything.If you did, did you install the latest drivers?If yo... Read More »