Help with C++ assignment?

Answer right before return 0; add system("pause"). Recompile and run. It'll ask you before closing the compiler.Also, your logic is faulty. You do not need to write such a lengthy code.I wrote a similar c... Read More »

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What Is an Assignment Fee?

An assignment fee is a fee obtained by an assignor for relinquishing a contract to a new party, known as the assignee. Assignment fees are commonly used in property contracts, partnerships, and int... Read More »

How to Not Have to Think About Your Assignment on a Play?

Have you been constantly yelled at for forgetting an assignment on a play, especially if it was a key block or screen. If so, this how to will attempt to help out.

How to Study for an Assignment?

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What is assignment of insurance?

It is not an uncommon practice for lenders to require the assignment of a life insurance policy as collateral for a loan. Both term and permanent policies can be assigned, but most lenders prefer p... Read More »