Help why does my wireless mouse keep lagging ?

Answer Your connection could be bad. Or your mouse just sucks. You could just fall back on the traditional mouse and save youself the trouble.

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My wireless mouse isnt working properly HELP . Please xD?

the "THINGIE" is not going to help us identify your problem and help you, be more specific please =). i believe you have a warranty on that mouse....return policy? either way logitech can't just go... Read More »

How does a wireless mouse work?

Old style ones ran off infrared beams. Because that was inconvenient (had to line up with the reciever), newer mice use radio waves, which a reciever plugged into the mouse port picks up.

My optical mouse buttons keep switching functions or just stops working, help?

go to control panel, click on mouse & bring up properties box. Under the "buttons" tab make sure you have it set for right handed option. (if you have left handed checked you will need to left clic... Read More »

Does a Mac wireless mouse work with a PC?

The Apple Magic Mouse works on Windows computers. Apple created Windows drivers for the Magic Mouse to use with the Mac "Boot Camp" application, which allows Windows to dual-boot with Mac OS on Mac... Read More »