Help, visa question, "invalid search" ?

Answer Yes, they would tell you.~Probably a system problem. Send email, call, tech support.

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Ifunny question please help how to search up a person?

Hi five dude, I am an iFunny user. I know that feeling, that's too bad dude. I hate that too. I am really getting sick of iFunny MOB Team who doesn't support this kinda feature. You can't search hi... Read More »

Apply for UK tourist visa having Schengen visa..pls help?

The UK Border Agency does not care about your travels in Europe. They want to see your travel arrangements you have made to leave the UK to assure that you do not plan to stay illegally in the coun... Read More »

Ipod touch - app store - credit card - invalid security code. help?

HELP a hacker changed my facebook password ail i try to change both of them but this says The link is invalid?

Contact facebook support they will help you change your password for you so you can get in and report the hacker aswell.UK helpline facebook: 0905 915 0100.If it's a US number I can't help you sorry.