Help upgrading my Dell 560 Graphics card?

Answer Upgrade to Nvidia...Good luck!

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Need help upgrading my Graphics Card?… this is the Nvidia GTX 650, it beats most AMD cards, and is very fast. It will certainly play SimsCity 5 on all high settings easily. It also completely ... Read More »

Upgrading a graphics card?

There are two important things that you need to watch out for when upgrading your graphics card:1. Space & Size. As you have already pointed out, the physical size of the new graphics card you buy ... Read More »

Is it worth upgrading my graphics card?

The GTX 650 Ti Boost is equivalent to a Radeon HD 7850 so it's a decent upgrade. The non-Boost GTX 650 Ti wouldn't be enough of an improvement to justify the cost. Read More »

Is it worth upgrading graphics card?

It is definitely worth upgrading, but I don't know if you can. You have to make sure you have a powerful enough power supply and you also need to have proper fans in your computer to keep it cool.