Help--skype keeps crashing?

Answer Just got the fix from Skype support:Please go to the folder ~/Library/Application Support/Skype/14:52:44 MESZ Delete the file shared.xml (it will be recreated once you open Skype again, this is fin... Read More »

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Graphics Card for my computer keeps crashing after startup, help?

Your GPU idle temps are way off. Idle temperatures for a GPU shouldn't go above 50C.If the fans have not stopped working, then I suspect the only possible problem is that the thermal paste connecti... Read More »

Hi can anyone help me my pc keeps crashing and then a blue screen comes up ?

Download SlimDrivers and SlimCleaner from : both programs then run SlimDrivers you will have to register but both the programs are freeWhen you run SlimDriver... Read More »

My JAVA keeps crashing and I cannot use any Java site. PLEASE HELP!?

I always update browser's and Flash Player and lots of other stuff at FileHippo. I updated Java today, and have had no problems: this helps.

My pc keeps crashing on me?

What anti-Virus/SpyWare are you running? and have you run a scan recently?I can recommend some good free downloads for you.I am presuming it's virus related as you seem supprised that it crashing s... Read More »