Help should i go to a walk in clinic.?

Answer It could be tissue or muscle damage, keep it lightly supported tonight and then go to the hospital or walk in clinic tomorrow and get it checked out, football injuries can be nasty!!! Hope this hel... Read More »

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Free walk-in clinic for gyn?

You have to pay after and/or take a loan. It can take years to pay back.

Getting moles checked at a walk in clinic?

Absolutely, they are medical professionals and would give you an informed opinion.

Would my primary/family doctor know if I went to a walk-in clinic?

Doctor-Patient confidentiality means they aren't going to tell her anything unless she needs to know.However if you find something extraordinary and if you ever plan on seeing your GP (general prac... Read More »

If you have 5L Clinic Ace glyphosate 360 and want to dilute it in your 7L sprayer to kill Japanese Knotweed what is the best dilution and how many ml of Clinic will be needed?

140 ml of glyphosphate will give you a 2% solution which should be enough. spray the knotweed and wait 10-14 days, then spray again to make sure.good luck