Help please, my printer has stopped working?

Answer I have seen this problem several times myself. The first thing I would try is turning your printer off and then back on again. If that doesn't help, open your printer icon, click delete on any open... Read More »

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Please help. The sound on my tv has stopped working?

What are you using for a signal source? Satellite? Cable with a box? Cable without a box? U-verse? FIOS? Antenna? Edit your question with the answer, and a possible solution may follow.

All USB ports suddenly stopped working on desktop, please help?

Okay well if I were you I would open up the case and look at the bottom of the motherboard, look for a square black ended cable plugging into a socket on the bottom of the board, it might say USB o... Read More »

Scanner and camera wizard on windows xp has stopped working,, please help?

If you know for sure that the card is good then theard reader itself may be defective, if it's a USB reader try reloading any drivers that came with it, if it's a built in card, check the cabling t... Read More »

My printer spooler stopped working.?

Hello,Thanks for posting your answer here.If you have a printer spooler problem, below software may help you:…I have ever resolved my printer problem with ... Read More »