Help please my computers being stupid?

Answer Try a right click on it and see if it gives you some options.

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Please forgive me for being stupid with this Smartphone question?

A smart phone is basically a pocket sized computer which has the same computing power as top of the line laptops did about 20 years ago. While the phone is turned off, your e-mail won't go to it. W... Read More »

Help please I am so stupid?

Stinking Mc Afee is a problem best thing to do if this is a system that you haven't set up yet is to reformat using your XP disk if you have one . That will get rid of all the crap the last owner i... Read More »

Please help me with my stupid printer?

nice picture is that you? anyways if this is somewhat new it might be still under the 90 day warranty for replacement. usually if one side moves and the other side doesn't, one of the internal gear... Read More »

Can someone please help me with my stupid camera?

Your best bet with a digital camera is to invest in some good rechargeable batteries.Second, go through the manual thoroughly, or visit the manufacturer's website. I bought Olympus cameras for my k... Read More »