Help please im scared?

Answer dont be scared ,if u pulled a muscle it should not effect ur lungs. how may Tylenol did u take, and how long did u wait for it to start working it's way. if u took the pill about a hour ago it shou... Read More »

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Please help i'm scared my boobs will sag HELP PLEASE?

Don't worry. They will not sag even if you not wear a training bra for 2 weeks.

Please help im really scared my cut will never heal anymore help?

Whoa whoa whoa boy! Calm down! Sadly i can't answer again after this, but you might want to put some periods and comas and..just punctuations. Slow down and explain better.

HELP!!! I HAVE TO GET 6TH GRADE SHOTS!!!!!!! THREE!!!!!!!!!!! I'M SOOOOO SCARED!!!!!!!! HELP me please!!!!!!!!?

You'll be fine! Just relax. Shots don't really hurt as bad as you might prophesize. Just look away when they give them to you. Talk to your mom while they give you the shots, to distract you from t... Read More »

HELP, im so scared that i wil die in a few days, PLEASE HELP FAST!?

I don't think ghosts can actually kill you. More likely, if there is a ghost, it's gonna scare the **** out of you. I think you're scared of being alone for long periods at home so your ghost isn't... Read More »