Help please, don't understand what I am looking for?

Answer my girlfriend has this, its a plastic thingy with a vodafone contract sim card in it. it plugs into your usb on Your laptop. this will give you internet if you can get a signal. its similar to a mo... Read More »

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I dont think you understand what im asking about the scanner on my walgreens?

It sounds like you're asking something that Walgreens should answer. If a phone conversation doesn't work then maybe go in person and get them to fix the problem.

Why Dont DOCTORS understand that FUNGUS causes CANCER?

Because it doesn't.This fungus nonsense is completely implausible.To the other sceptics: Did any of you ever watch Dr. Simoncini's "cancer is fungus" video?Here check it out:- Read More »

I keep buying cameras. people dont understand me!?

Maybe you should buy yourself a digital SLR.... that way if they get mad at you for buying new cameras.... now instead of getting a whole new camera you will constantly be buying new lenses and tri... Read More »

I dont understand how to download videos from youtube ?

Easy just use this